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I know this group hasn’t been used in a little while, but I wanted to post a brief request!
I’m now an academic and a lot of my research has focused on vegan activism. I’m currently working on a book project, where one of the issues I’m examining is the opportunities and difficulties associated with veganism becoming so popular over the past few years. I’m particularly interested in hearing what long-term vegans feel about these changes and am currently interviewing different people who have been vegan for 10+ years to hear their thoughts. These include a range of vegan activists and academics.
As people who have been involved in the online vegan community for a long time, I’m interested in hearing what you might think or feel about changes in online vegan cultures in particular.
If any of you would be interested in participating in the project, then please let me know and I will send you a detailed information sheet that provides detail about the project and what sort of questions I will be asking. All interviews will take place via Skype and will be anonymised.

My staff profile can be found here if you’d like to see the sort of things I work on! https://www.keele.ac.uk/mcc/people/evagiraud/

I hope that you are all well,

Requesting to join

I don't spend much time on the internet, but I used to be in veganpeople oh...4 or 5 years ago?

My mom was just diagnosed with cancer, and I want to post in veganpeople asking others for good information and resources that I might not have come across to give to her to help her fix her diet and realize that chemo isn't going to solve all her problems.

So that's why I have a journal with 0 posts but am trying to join the community.
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OK, wow

This will sounds incredibly rude, but this post and especially the comments supporting it -> http://community.livejournal.com/veganpeople/4164145.html is one of the reason why I'll continue not to follow (watch) the comm.

I'm vegan. I like hearing what other vegans think. I like discovering new things. I like seeing debates. However, I don't like gossip, wank and posts aimed at the simple goal of getting any reaction out of others because a poster is feeling alone and needs some human interaction.

I'm not going to tell you how to run your comm, but if you could try and see that what is posted there does affect how others (i.e. non-vegans) view vegans and veganism as a whole and step in when wanktastic posts are posted for wank value alone, I'm sure everyone who would not like to give the wanks a go would thank you.

That's all. Thank you, and sorry for the rudeness. Human stupidity doesn't sit well with me.

Thank You!

Thank you for declining my request to join your community. Having looked at the answers received by others who were declined I do not need to ask for myself. Clearly I was denied because my profile does not show enough, if any, other vegan comms,interests, etc. I guess this comm isn't a good starting off point? Apparently I do not have enough experience yet. I will go find another more friendly less elitist comm.


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I was wondering why I was declined to join the veganpeople comm? I have public posts and friends etc, so my journal doesn't look like a troll journal. I'd love to join as I'm about to transition to veganism :)
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yo mods, I was wondering what the ruling is on posting a blog in the community if
1) The blog writer is part of the community here
2) It pertains to veganism + misc. topic

I know there is vegpromo but that is a smaller community. I know it is doable, but I am looking more for permission since some people don't like advertising in their community or a promo blast all over the veg communities (joshthevegan I'm looking at you).