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For discussions regarding the running of veganpeople
This community is for moderators of veganpeople to discuss the running of the community.

If you are a member of veganpeople and want to alert the moderators about goings-on in the community or to discuss any issues you may have, you do not need to join the community to make a post here.  Click on the blue pencil at the top of this page (or use this link) to post to the community.  We will try to try to respond to and resolve issues as quickly and as reasonably as possible. you may post publicly or friends only, but in the latter, you will not be able to see the post and respond to any questions we might have. if you choose this option, feel free to respond to our questions as PMs, and we will post your text as a comment for the rest of the mods to see. alternatively, you may send your responses to the veganpeoplemods (at gmail) e-mail address, so the responses are sent to all of us. it's up to you

(however, if the content of your posts here aren't sensitive, or about another community member, you can always make the post public initially, and after it's been resolved, you have the option of editing it to make it private. but like above, after you make it "members-only," you will not be able to see it or make changes once it's edited.)

Established Moderator Guidelines
On Deleting Posts...
-if the post is absolutely obvious in it's "die vegans" etc. attitude (delete right away)
-if there is ANY uncertainty whether they are a troll or not, make a post here to get the opinion of at least one other mod... you could also contact another mod directly via their journal to get their attention for expediency purposes
-solicitation posts (paypal buttons etc.) these will be deleted ASAP
On Banning Users...
-if they are obviously trolls, of course!

For Reference: The Art of Hosting Good Conversations Online